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Get Over It is a chocolate line that consists of 7 stage chocolate bars and a chocolate wine. Each bar aids you through a different stage of a breakup. This is accomplished by infusing each bar with a homeopathic remedy specific to that stage. The design approach for these package designs was a fun popart style targeted towards teenage girls.

Getting over a breakup can be a hard, long process. To help solve this problem we created a line of chocolate bars that are infused with homeopathic remedies that aid you through each stage. The homeopathic remedy infused in each bar is chosen specifically for that stage to help you move on to the next stage. Once you reach the seventh stage you will be rewarded with a plain milk chocolate bar to end your journey.

When you are going through the seven stage chocolate bars, why not pair it with a chocolate wine? We created a chocolate wine that you can drink through all the stages. While this wine does not have any benefits of helping you through the stages, it is just a little pick me up along the way.

When purchasing Get Over It chocolate line in stores, buy each stage individually. Stages can be determined from reading the front of the package, or you can see the stage on the side of the package along with the pink ombre color of the pink getting darker as the stages get higher.

Our seven stage chocolate bars can also be purchased as a pack online. When purchasing online you will receive a box of all seven stage chocolate bars, along with a journal. The journal goes along with the seven stages by giving you prompts with each stage so you can write out your feelings.